Flammable Substrates - DM875

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DM875 base coat is water based, environmentally friendly and has a coverage up to 12m2/litre.

DM875 is currently under development and is a passive fire retardant coating designed to achieve BS476 parts 6-7 and EN13501-1 on a Flammable Substrate such as Particle Board / Plywood or Plaster Board previously coated with multiple coats of Solvent based paint (typically 10-14 coats), the current most common practice is use an intumescent base coat beneath an FR Decorative Paint.

In order to achieve BS476 parts 6&7 and EN13501-1 on Flammable Substrates using the Dupre range of FR Products it is also necessary to utilise a base coat system beneath the Dupre DM880 FR Paint such as Dupre DM875. DM875 base coat is water based, environmentally friendly and has a coating thickness of 12m2/litre.

Intumescent paints pose several problems in that they have heavy coating thicknesses at typically 2.5 m2/litre verses conventional paints at 12 m2/litre.  Intumescents commonly contain substances that are not environmentally friendly and most of all they can be expensive due to the high paint cost and the low coverage rates.