Product Range

Dupré Minerals’ Micashield is a mineral based passive fire protection coating, manufactured from specially selected vermiculite ores.

The subsequent high aspect ratio of the Micashield provides a coating which can offer significant improvements to the fire resistance of a variety of substrates.

Micashield is a non-toxic, easy to apply product which is inert and environmentally friendly.  When subject to high heat, Micashield forms an oxygen barrier, which acts as a protective thermal shield. It is a fully suspended liquid coating, which is manufactured to strict quality control parameters offering high performance where fire protection is required.

Dupré Minerals’ Micashield is a diverse product range that can be formulated to service a number of applications. Please click on the links below for more information:

Passive Fire Protection
Paints & Coatings

Micashield DM651 is a Passive Fire protection coating that has been designed to offer maximum protection to substrates that are used in high temperature environments or in fire situations.

Textile Coatings

Speciality Vermiculite Coatings for Protection in High Temperature Applications.

Fire Retardant Additives

Dupré Minerals Micashield is derived from our successful Micashield DM338S, which is a chemically exfoliated, aqueous Vermiculite dispersion that is used as a high temperature and fire resistant coating for technical textiles.