Textile Coatings - DM335 & DM363S

Fire Coatings for Textiles


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DM335 & DM363S

Speciality Vermiculite Fire Coatings for Textiles - Protection in High Temperature Applications.

Technical textiles grade Micashield Vermiculite Dispersion works when the high aspect ratio particles attach themselves to both the fibres within the fabric and each other creating the perfect barrier between the textile substrate and the external high temperatures and/or flame. This barrier protects the fabric and allows enhanced working temperatures for the fabrics.

Dupré Minerals Limited’s Micashield fire coatings for textiles are manufactured in a carefully controlled process in order to meet our customers’ exacting standards.


  • Fire Coatings for Textiles
  • Fire and Heat resistant aqueous dispersion coatings
  • Perfect for Industrial and Technical textile substrates
  • Enhancement of the substrate working temperature up to 1000°C
  • Easily applied using all fabric coating techniques
  • Works effectively on many substrates to provide protection in high temperature and fire environments

Technical Textiles Application Process