Fire Retardant Additives - DM393 & DM397

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Micashield DM393 & DM397


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DM393 & DM397

Dupré Minerals‘ Micashield is derived from our successful Micashield DM338S, which is a chemically exfoliated, aqueous Vermiculite dispersion that is used as a high temperature and fire resistant coating for technical textiles.

DM393 and DM397 are dry, powdered versions of the water based dispersion and the drying technique ensures minimal agglomeration with resultant high aspect ratio dry particles (about 500:1 – 1000:1).

DM393 and DM397 are lightweight inorganic products, non-toxic, smokeless and user and environmentally friendly.

Applications for Micashield Fire Retardant Additives DM393 & DM397

  • Perfect for specialist thin film production
  • Can be re-dispersed or used as a dry additive
  • Fire Retardant additive to Polymer/Plastic systems

Particle Size Analysis
(Malvern Mastersizer 2000)

dm393 chart