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DUPRÉ Minerals’ Micashield is a stable, water based, dispersion of high aspect ratio platelets produced by the controlled exfoliation of specially selected vermiculite ores; vermiculite is the name given to a group of hydrated laminar aluminium-iron-magnesium silicate minerals.

The Micashield product range offers temperature resistant coatings up to 1100 °C that are non-flammable (unformulated) or, for formulated products incorporating organic additives, of limited flammability.

Micashield products are safe and easy to use, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly. They are commonly used to coat glass textiles where they are the main constituent of the cloth finish along with organic adhesion aids and water to control the viscosity.

DM382 is a highly beneficiated vermiculite product with the addition of an organic adhesion aid.


  • Protective coating for Fibre Glass Textiles
  • Flame and Heat Protective Barriers
  • Specialist Films / Coatings
  • Industrial Fireproofing for combustible building materials

How To Apply Micashield

  • Conventional industrial textile coating techniques.
  • Dilute with de-mineralised water to the appropriate solids content for the level of coating required.
  • Brush or roller on to flat surfaces / spray on to large or difficult areas.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to establish the correct formulation and dilution for their process / application.

Typical Properties

D90 (90% of particles less than) 175 μm
Particle Size d90 / μm
140 - 200
~ 9
% Organic Additives
3.5 ± 1.5
Gold / Brown
D90 (90% of particles less than) 175 μm
% Solids
16.0 ± 1.0
Viscosity* / cP
8000 ± 3000
*Brookfield viscometer, spindle No. 5 at 20 rpm.

Information presented above is given in good faith as accurate and reliable but is not to be taken as a guarantee. The figures provided are intended to be a guide to expected average values and should not be interpreted as a specification. Any potential applications referred to are not to be construed as recommendations. It is the responsibility of the user to determine suitability for any specific purpose.