Textile Coatings - DM359

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Dupre Minerals’ MicaShield DM359 is Micashield DM338s with organic adhesion promoters. It is a stable, water based dispersion, manufactured by the carefully controlled chemical exfoliation of specially selected vermiculite ores.

The subsequent high aspect ratio of the MicaShield dispersion product range offer temperature resistant coatings up to 1100 °C The solids content (measured at 110 °C) of this product is fixed at 17.5%.

MicaShield DM359 is a non-toxic, safe and easy to use product that is environmentally safe.

Why Use Micashield DM359?

  • Protective coating for Fibre Glass Textiles
  • Flame and Heat Protective Barriers
  • Specialist Films/Coatings

How To Apply Micashield

  • Conventional industrial textile coating techniques.
  • Dilute with de-mineralised water to the appropriate solids content for the level of coating required.
  • Dipping.

Typical Properties

D90 (90% of particles less than) 175 μm Ph ~9
D90 (90% of particles less than)
160 – 200 μm
6 – 9
Solids Content
17.5 ± 0.1 %
Organic Additives
10 to 20 % (Dry mass basis)
3000 – 7000 cP
Gold / brown

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