Fire Resistant Container

fire resistant container


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Fire Resistant Container (FRC)

Dupré Minerals Ltd have recently developed the Micashield FRBC (Fire Resistant Bulk Container). The Micashield FRBC is an innovative product that can be used to protect potentially flammable goods from the threat of fire.

The exceptional insulation properties of the Micashield FRBC allows for the safe storage and transportation of high value flammable goods, protecting from the threat of both internal and external fire spread. Under certain conditions, products such as Lithium Batteries have the potential to ‘short’ leading to ‘thermal runaway’, which poses a fire risk to the surrounding external environment if such Batteries are not stored appropriately.

The FRBC is therefore the perfect solution for safe storage and transportation of potentially combustible products such as recycled batteries, fireworks and other flammable chemical formulations such as Magnesium powder compounds. The FRBC acts as a thermal shield, reducing the threat of ignition from thermal conductivity in the event of an external fire. 

Awarded with a two hour integrity rating under BS476 parts 20/22, Micashield FRBC offers ‘peace of mind’. and is the only fire proof bulk container available on the market today.

Typical Properties

Product Reference Fire Resistant Bulk Container (FRBC)
Non Woven Silica Glass Fabric with Water Resistant Coating
Safe working Load
Safe Stacking Height
Service Temperature
BS 476 part 6: Fire propagation.

BS 476 part 7: Surface Spread of flame (class 1 rating awarded).

Combination of BS 476 parts 6 and 7 (Class 1 rating) confirms compliance to the stringent Class '0' Building Regulations 2000 'Fire Safety' (as per paragraph A13(a) of approved document B, Volumes 1 & 2, 2006 edition).

BS 476 part 20/22: Two hours integrity awarded – This fabric has been put through an independent indicative test to British Standard 476 part 20/22 and retained its integrity and stability at a temperature peak of approximately 1000oc reached over a period of 120 minutes/2 hours.
Size (Internal)
0.3m³ & 0.5m³